Sunday, 7 August 2011

Daily Dazzler 4: Dazzler Versus Doctor Doom Part Two!

Writer: Tom DeFalco
Penciller: Frank Springer

Phew. The Daily Dazzler has involved a lot of convoluted plot recapping. We can breathe a sigh of relief today as this issue just entails Dr Doom firing Dazzler into another dimension to pick up a magic gem for him that’ll enable him to take over the world.


While she’s there she does a bit of rollerskating (of course) and once again reminds us how rubbish her powers are when she turns on her radio for a bit of music, which (as we all know by now) fuels her lights powers, only to find there are no radio stations in this mysterious dimension! Gasp!

Instead she uses the blood curdling screams of the beasties attacking her as a sound source.

This is Tom DeFalco’s attempt to make her powers less crap than they have been so far. Following last issue’s revelation that she can fire lasers, not just provide a disco light show, he’s now established she doesn’t need her handbag radio for every fight scene.

A nice gesture but the Dazzler series needs more than a power-tweak to save its bacon. Daz is crying out for a reason to exist! And she doesn’t really have one. The set up so far is she wants to be a singer, her dad wants her to be a lawyer, and she keeps blundering into situations where she meets Marvel’s top supervillains.

She skates around the dimension for a bit and bumps into Nightmare (Marvel’s horse riding bestower of bad hallucinations). She fights her ‘evil’ self, has a run in with a vision of her disapproving dad, and scares Nightmare off with her disco light show (unconvincing!) He gives her the magic jewel she’s looking for, Dr Doom beams her back to Earth, Daz destroys the gem, Doom duffs her up and then, this is the not-very-feminist-bit, runs off when he sees the Human Torch coming his way. Beating Daz up is a piece of cake but he doesn’t fancy fisticuffs with a super fella!

Johnny Storm is crestfallen to see Daz in this state. Look! He’s been set up as a love interest for two issues now. Do you think anything will come of it? (Clue: don’t hold your breath.)

Musical metaphors: (On being transported to another dimension) “If I didn’t know better – I’d swear I’ve stumbled into a Pink Floyd album…and it’ll take a lot more than a few chords from ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ to get me home!”


  1. Wonderful reminder of a fun issue. OK, it's not a work of genius, but it was an enjoyable time-passer for a young teenager. And I thought the tweaks to Dazzler's arsenal were rather neat.

  2. Hooray! A comment! I may gird my loins and get on with this saga. There's a lot to get on with mind. Dazzler attached to a rope versus a black hole...