Saturday, 6 August 2011

Superboy 10: That's The Way To Do It

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Art: Pete Woods, Cagy and Bit, Paulo Siqueira and Andrew Mangum, Pier Gallo

After the Wonder Woman Retroactive review here’s something I enjoyed – the penultimate issue in the current series of Superboy.

This series has been great and hasn’t got the attention it deserved. It’s a shame it’s getting cancelled with the DC reboot. With a change of creative team and no Krypto around I won’t be buying the relaunched series but will be getting Lemire’s Animal Man instead. It’s a shame Pier Gallo isn’t getting a regular book as his clean style added a lot of charm to this series and his costume for Psionic Lad is a design classic!

Anyway – there are multiple pencillers on art duty this issue but it works well. Not only does everyone turn in really attractive work but they’ve been split up into different time periods to prevent mid-scene swap overs – one for each era evil wizard Tannarak has tried to doom humanity. Hence we get appearances from Arion, the Viking Prince and, most enjoyably, lots of The Phantom Stranger – and he looks suitably mysterious yet stylish:

Tannark is planning on creating an army of magical Superboy doppelgangers. “The last thing the pathetic screaming masses will see is you…you burning them alive and bringing their world down around them,” Tannark tells Connor. It’s important to have a goal isn’t it? So hats off to him, he seems pretty committed to this course of action even after a whopping 47,000 years so you can’t help but wish him well.

Plus! An added bit of ‘interest’ for Legion readers. Tannarak’s been calling his clone armies The Dark Circle! A potential cross over for the Legion reboot?

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  1. Arion? Was he good-Arion or bad-Arion? Power Girl fans want to know!